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VASTU INSPIRED. The Annex Quest House was designed by Kathleen Cox, the founder of Vastu Living and former resident of India. She created the Vastu ambience at Annex Quest House using local wood artisans and their ecological creations. The Vastu Living goal is to create interior environments that appeal to us visually and viscerally – they appeal to the mind, body, and soul (info@vastuliving.com).

Guestrooms at the Annex Quest House are dedicated to one of five basic elements: Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Each room has soothing yet vibrant colors that reflect the physical and psychological property of each specific element. Every guest room honours the heart of the Vastu philosophy, which advocates the protection of the environment and all living things.

Dark pine can be found throughout the Annex Quest House. The wide plank floors, tastefully simple and comfortable beds, side tables, bureaus, mirrors, towel racks and even toilet paper holders are all holistic creations, most handcrafted with minimal wastage.

Asymmetrical design, which flows through the world of nature, conforms to the features of the human body and helps our guests feel at ease. Each room’s decor observes this Vastu preference for asymmetry.

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